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Your Home Learning project for the next two weeks is to be Art based with a focus on portraits of heroes.We would like you to start the project by thinking about the heroes celebrated and remembered on VE day.

Following this, we would like you to think of heroes closer to home and think about your own family hero. We would like each child to capture their chosen family hero in the form of a portrait.
At the bottom of this page you will find a project starter document. Like History, this document does not need to be printed and should be used as a template if you need help with ways of presenting the project. It's up to you how you wish the final piece to look!


Please note that colouring the portrait and creating 3D models are just optional extra ideas and do not need to be completed as part of this project.


The stages of this art project are as follows:


  • Inspiration (Where you will take time to look at a painting with the style you are going to imitate and comment on what you like or don’t like about it).


  • Exploration (where you practise the skills and techniques you will need for your final piece).



  • Innovation (where you will use your inspiration from the chosen portrait and the skills you have practised to create your piece).


  • Evaluation (where you discuss what you enjoyed about the project, what you liked about your final piece and what you may do differently).
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