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Portraits of Heroes


As some of you will know, Friday 8th May marked 75 years since Victory in Europe day (VE day) where World War II ended for those in Europe. This was a hugely historical day for our country. Therefore, our next 2 week block home learning task is going to be Art based with a focus on portraits of heroes.


We would like everyone to begin by thinking about the heroes celebrated and remembered on VE day and then to think about their own family heroes. We would like each child to capture their chosen family hero in the form of a portrait.


Click on the link below to look at the news round article on VE day to see why people were celebrating and how they did it. Think about why people thought that particular people were heroes to them. Then think about someone in your family that is a hero to you. Who is a hero in your house?


In Year 4, we have chosen to look at the work of an artist called Jane Perkins, who is famous for making portraits out of a collage of materials. Click on the link below to look at some of Jane's work and to find out a bit more about her.


Over the two weeks, take your time to work through the following different stages of the Art process: Inspiration, Explorations and Innovation and Evaluation.


We would like you to focus on the art skills and techniques of: shape, lining and shading and shading and blending - 

  • the shape of features and outline of the face - you could choose to look for shapes within the whole image to build it up
  • using 3D artwork to build up features to stand away from the page using different collage materials you collect e.g. cheeks, lips, nose, eyebrows
  •  use tints, shades and tones of colour to build up a more 3D looking face. You could select collage materials in the different shades/tints/tones of pinks or browns for skin and hair. 

In each of the above categories, there are examples and suggestions of what you might do and how. If you have access to a printer, you could use the document below to record each stage of your work. If you don't, then do not worry! You could write the headings in your workbook or record it in a different way that works for you.


Just remember to enjoy yourself and we look forward to seeing the results!

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