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Autumn Term

Christmas Concert - December 2019

The Year 3 children performed as part of the Christmas Concert this term.  This was their first performance as a class and they didn't disappoint! They managed to play their patterns with their group and listened to each other carefully.  Brilliant playing Year 3 and we look forward to sharing their amazing drumming with you next term!

We have continued to build upon our Spanish knowledge from Key Stage 1 and have been learning about: Greetings and 'All about me', asking for and giving names, saying how old we are and how we feel, numbers 0-20 and colours.. During the last two weeks we have been learning about Winter traditions in Spain.

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Kents Cavern
What would you expect to find in a cave? Bats? Fossils? Forgotten treasure perhaps...but surely not a class of Year 3 children from Homelands! 
Well that's exactly what you'd have found if you'd happened to be down Kents Cavern this week as Year 3 became active historians, hunting down clues to our prehistoric past and filling their heads with knowledge before we begin our time travelling history lessons to the Stone Age!
Our cave tour took us deep into the earth to see first hand how archeologists and palaeontologists have unearthed the secrets of the past. We dug up fossils and gems, and even had a chance to handle real artefacts from the Stone Age!
We had a great day and would like to say a big thank you to everyone at Kents Cavern for making our day engaging and fun throughout!
Following our work in the first part of the Autumn term in linking movements, Year 3 launched into apparatus work this term to demonstrate their skills in balance and movement. Dextrous movements and good communication between partners was essential in learning how to use the gymnastic apparatus creatively and safely.


Autumn 1 was a great start to KS2 for Year 3!


We learned that not only can we be geographers but we are ourselves geography!

By learning about our location, we have been able to find our place in the world (and beyond). We even created our alien address to pinpoint where we are in space!



Moving beyond Torbay, we began to explore the geography of Dartmoor and linked this to our science learning about rocks. As artists we created our impressions of Dartmoor using torn paper collage, take a look at our stunning display below!



Our display

Following on from our learning about rocks, it was time to send Autumn 1 out with a bang. In this lesson, we learned how fossils are formed and historical artefacts are buried using jelly sweets as dead organisms and artefacts, and layers of bread as the sediment. We then applied pressure with some heavy books and left for several hours. At the end of the day, we became archaeologists and palaeontologists as we uncovered the buried treasures and fossils one layer of squashed bread ‘rock’ at a time.

Rock formation with sweets!

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