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Autumn Term

Over the past couple of weeks, the children have proudly shared their

fantastic homework to the class.

Well done to everyone!  We're very proud of what they have produced. smiley


The children have enjoyed their weekly dance sessions with Polly.  It has given them the chance to be themselves: creating movements and dances individually, in pairs and in small groups.  

Inspired by our class topic: The Great Fire of London, the children (with a little help from Polly) choreographed a fire dance.  Here are a few pictures of the final performance!

Look what we found!



Whilst playing in the garden, Silas found a something in the ground!  We took out the soil and found Samuel Pepys' diary, his 'smelly' cheese and wine!  We were all very excited and showed Mrs Urquhart what we found!


In class, we read his diary and have learnt that this is a historical source that historians used to find out about the Great Fire of London.  


We are going to have a go at writing our own diaries!



When Year 2 met Thomas Farriner!

As their hook into our topic this term: The Great Fire of London, Year 2 spent time listening to Thomas Farriner's story as well as having the opportunity to ask him questions about what happened back in 1666!

These are some of the questions the children asked:


  • Did you ever make cupcakes? (Oliver)
  • How do you feel about setting London on Fire? (Dexter)
  • How did it feel being in the fire? (Tilly)
  • How did you escape the fire? (Agnes)
  • How did you make fire? (James)
  • How old were you when it started? (Isabelle)
  • How long does it take to put out your candles? (Isaac)
  • How was the fire stopped? (Kiya)
  • What did you do when the fire started? (Silas)
  • How did you make bread? (Harlie)

Year 2 writing on display!

Autumn 1 - Writing: Fact Files

Finding about animals in science, the children learnt facts from non-fiction books through a pictorial Frog Fact File.  Using this, the children wrote their own Fact Files, thinking about 3 sections: introduction, appearance and super jumpers.

Year 2 Swimming.

Year 2's first class swim.

We are very proud of how well the Year 2 children did on their first visit to Plainmoor Swimming Pool and looking forward to our weekly Thursday swimming lessons to improve their confidence and swimming ability in the pool.  Well done Year 2!

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