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Homelands Primary School Believe, Belong, Be Proud!

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Our School Values


Friendship: Thinking of others and putting their needs before our own; recognising others’ achievements; showing kindness in our words and actions; working together as a team; we are inclusive of all.



Respect: Being kind, thoughtful and considerate of each other, of our resources and of our surroundings; we understand and embrace the differences within our community.



Independence: Having the confidence to make our own decisions; recognising our own abilities, accessing resources to support our learning; having a go and seeking support when needed.



Curiosity: Showing interest in the world and wondering; wanting to know more; asking questions; we take risks and explore.


Empowerment: Using our voices; being confident; knowing our strengths, having pride in these and celebrating them; working hard and striving to be the best we can be; challenging ourselves to achieve more than we ever thought possible.


School Attendance
  • Reception 95.6
  • Year 1 92.3%
  • Year 2 92.5%
  • Year 3 96.6%
  • Year 4 93.4%
  • Year 5 93.7%
  • Year 6 92.8%
  • School 93.7%
House Points
  • Anstey's 102
  • Babbacombe 129
  • Meadfoot 119
  • Oddicombe 113