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Homelands Primary School Believe, Belong, Be Proud!

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Class Celebrations

In Year Four, we celebrate individual children by awarding 'wow' moments on our class 'wow' board.  Please feel free to come into the classroom to see what 'wow' moments your child has achieved.  Children can add a 'wow' to acknowledge an achievement or kind behaviour for one another in class.  These are written on blue speech bubbles on our wall.  Staff will also give a special mention to a child in the form or a 'wow' when they notice a special achievement or exceptionally kind behaviour. These are written on yellow speech bubbles on our wall.

Isabel has learnt all her multiplication tables!  Well Done!

Calendar Dates
  • There are no events for the next 10 weeks.
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School Attendance
  • Reception 100%
  • Year 1 91.3%
  • Year 2 88.7%
  • Year 3 93.8%
  • Year 4 93.3%
  • Year 5 90.3%
  • Year 6 85.9%
  • School 91.9%
House Points
  • Anstey's 206
  • Babbacombe 206
  • Meadfoot 169
  • Oddicombe 126