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D and T project

Over the next two weeks we will be doing some Design and Technology with a focus around cooking and nutrition


Your DT challenge is to design, make and evaluate a fruit salad (product) for your family (user) for a birthday party (purpose)



Design criteria:

  • E.g. must include at least 3 different fruits.


We would like you to:

  • Explore: Begin by exploring a range of fruits.

  • What fruits do you have at home? What are they called? Where are they grown? When can they be harvested? What are their taste, smell, texture and appearance?

  • What will it look like if we peel it or cut it in half? What are the different parts called?

  • Pick up, smell and taste the fruits. What words can we use to describe the shape, colour, feel, taste?



  • Evaluate: Can you evaluate some existing products to determine what you/your user like best? What do you prefer and why? What might we want to include in our product to meet our user’s preferences?

Which fruits might be the best for our product to match the    occasion/purpose?



  • Explore: Talk with your family about basic food hygiene practices when handling food. E.g. What should we do before we work with food?
  • Explore: Talk with your family about the utensils/equipment and techniques you might need to use. Practice the skills you will need to create your final product e.g. washing, grating, peeling, slicing, squeezing.


  • Explore the Eatwell plate with your family.

Can you fill in your own? Why is it good to eat fruit and vegetables?

How many pieces of fruit/vegetables do you eat per day?

Why is it important to wash fruit/vegetables before we eat them?

Design, make and evaluate sheet to record your findings
  • Design: Draw and label a plan of your product.

THINK: What will you need?

What fruits will you need?

How much will you need?

How will you present the product?

Remember your design criteria including the likes and dislikes of the people you are making it for!


  • Make your product.
  • Evaluate your final product.
  • Does it meet your purpose? Does your user like it? What would you do differently next time/what could you change to make your final product better?

Here is some Key Vocabulary which you and your family might want to consider throughout your project:

fruit and vegetable names, names of equipment and utensils, flesh, skin, seed, pip, core, slicing, peeling, cutting, squeezing, healthy diet, choosing, ingredients, planning, investigating, tasting, arranging, popular, design, evaluate, criteria and sensory vocabulary e.g. soft, juicy, crunchy, sweet, sticky, smooth, sharp, crisp, sour, hard.


You might like to watch the BBC bitesize food clips:

Please email pictures of your finished product to

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