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On this page you will find a variety of tasks for English this week.


If you cannot print the handwriting sheets then just look at the pattern / words and practise these in your book.


Please email completed work to us so that we can give you feedback.

We recommend you spend 15-20 minutes on each of the individual tasks and these can be done across the week.



In addition to these tasks, make sure that you are also reading on a regular basis.  We look forward to seeing you all quizzing on AR when you have finished your book.


*Amazing news for Year 4* Congratulations! Year 4 had the most children accessing AR and quizzing from home last week - keep it up!  


We have additional online books for you to read using the myON Online Library, if you have finished the books you were given by us. Please see the link below.

Reading comprehension

Please read through the reading comprehension with your child and talk about it as you go.  If they were doing this task at school then they would be doing it as part of a guided group. This text is meant to be read and shared with an adult, so that you can discuss what you have read and talk about any words you find tricky or don't understand. It is not meant for you to read and complete on your own.


Each week you will have a reading comprehension to complete.

Read the text carefully and then write the answers to each of the questions, in sentences, on a piece of paper or in a notebook.

The first 4 questions are about VOCABULARY

The next 4 questions follow VIPERS, like we use in class.


V= VOCABULARY ( finding the meaning of words in context, other words that mean the same thing)

I= INFERENCE ( 'reading between the lines' and using clues from the text, without the author actually telling us.)

P= PREDICTION ( suggesting what might/could happen)

E= EXPLAIN ( giving details about what has happened)

R= RETRIEVE ( finding the answers from the text)

S= SUMMARISE ( a brief account of the main points of the story / a particular part of the story)


( The answers are there for you at the end, and you and your grown up can check through when you have finished.)


Each week you will have a writing activity. 

Remember to think carefully about;

  • your neat handwriting
  • your spelling
  • use of adverbial detail 
  • your choice of interesting and exciting vocabulary (use a dictionary or thesaurus if you have one at home, or use an online version)
  • reading through your work as you write, to check that it makes sense
  • making any changes as you write


More importantly- have fun writing! 

There is an extra SPAG activity this week if you think you are up for the challenge - it looks at adding description using adverbs and adverbial phrases.
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