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Each week you will have a reading comprehension to complete. Read the text carefully and then write the answers to each of the questions, in sentences, on a piece of paper or in a notebook.
The first 5 questions are about VOCABULARY
The next 5 questions follow VIPERS, like we use in class.
V= VOCABULARY (finding the meaning of words in context, other words that mean the same thing)
I= INFERENCE ('reading between the lines' and using clues from the text, without the author actually telling us.)
P= PREDICTION (suggesting what might/could happen)
E= EXPLAIN (giving details about what has happened)
R= RETRIEVE (finding the answers from the text)
S= SUMMARISE (saying what happened in a shorter way)
(The answers are there for you at the end, and you and your grown up can check through when you have finished)

Accelerated Reader

Although we may be away from school at the moment, don’t forget to check if you can quiz on any books you have read at home. Let’s try to be the class with the most quizzes!


myON is another great resource that we have access to because we have Acclerated Reader at school.

If you are running out of books to read at home, then there are a wealth of books that the children can read online here.

They are also linked to AR, so they will have their book level for example a 2.6 and they will also have their quiz number there too.

How to access the books

  • Click on the link.
  • Click on start reading.
  • Browse books by category.
  • Choose a category, for example, 'animals', then choose 'pets'.
  • Over each book you will see it says 'Read' or 'Info'
  • Click on info and then 'i' it will give you the details you need; age group it is suitable for, the book level (ATOS)  and also the quiz number.
  • When you have chosen a book, read it online and then quiz on it on AR.

 If you have any problems with this, the do please email me and I will help you.

Writing, Grammar, Spelling and Handwriting


These tasks are designed to give you a chance to extend your writing skills in the key areas. They can be printed or completed in your book or on a piece of paper.


The writing task is a creative piece of narrative writing. There is a picture to help give you ideas. You don’t need to write a full story, just a short scene based on the picture but if you would like to write a full story – go for it!


Your grammar task is about conjunctions this week. We need to understand that different conjunctions have different jobs. You’ll also use this new learning to talk about some of the sentence in your reading book.


Your spelling task is focussed on using an apostrophe for contractions this week. Don't forget that you should also continue to practise the spellings from our Year 3/4 spelling list.


Your handwriting task is focussed on joining the letter ‘e’.

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