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A little reminder about how important it is to read every day

and now is the perfect time to read your favourite books you have at home!

Don't forget if you are on AR, you can access the AR Reading scheme at home too.  

Check your book is on the scheme and then complete a quiz. Just follow the links below.

You can also look for books to read on myON if you are running out of books at home.


When using myON, you need to make sure you are using the UK version, or you won't be able to quiz on the books you read!

  • Go onto myON and click 'start reading'
  •  Hit 'search.'
  • Click on 'language' and then select 'English (UK)

This will ensure that all the books they then choose to read they will be able to quiz on.


This week you have a non fiction reading comprehension to complete.


This text is meant to be read and shared with an adult, so that you can discuss what you have read and talk about any words you find tricky or don't understand. It is not meant for you to read and complete on your own.


Read the text carefully and then write the answers to each of the questions, in sentences, on a piece of paper or in a notebook.

All the questions this week follow VIPERS, like we use in class. The first 5 questions have a focus on RETRIEVAL .


Here is your writing activity for this week. This week, you need to let your imagination run away with you again!


Remember to think carefully about;

  • your choice of interesting and exciting vocabulary( use a dictionary or thesaurus if you have one at home, or use an online version)
  •  reading through your work as you write, to check that it makes sense
  • making any changes as you write
  • Have fun!.


This week I would like you to work on contractions.

Contracted words, also known as contractions are short words made by putting two words together.

Letters are omitted in the contraction and replaced by an apostrophe.

The apostrophe shows where the letters would be if the words were written in full.

Contractions are used a lot in everyday speech, so children will be familiar with these words but may not know where they come from and the grammatical terminology we use to describe them is ‘contracted’.

do not becomes don't

is not becomes isn't

I will becomes I'll etc


Have a go at the contractions Powerpoint quiz first, before you complete the worksheet.



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