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Each week you will have a reading comprehension to complete.

Read the text carefully and then write the answers to each of the questions, in sentences, on a piece of paper or in a notebook.

The first 5 questions are about VOCABULARY

The next 5 questions follow VIPERS, like we use in class.


V= VOCABULARY ( finding the meaning of words in context, other words that mean the same thing)

I= INFERENCE ( 'reading between the lines' and using clues from the text, without the author actually telling us.)

P= PREDICTION ( suggesting what might/could happen)

E= EXPLAIN ( giving details about what has happened)

R= RETRIEVE ( finding the answers from the text)

S= SEQUENCE ( the order of events in the story)


( The answers are there for you at the end, and you and your grown up can check through when you have finished.)





Each week I will give you a creative writing activity so that you are still keeping up with your writing!

Remember to think carefully about;

  • your finger spaces
  • your neat handwriting
  • your choice of interesting and exciting vocabulary( use a dictionary or thesaurus if you have one at home, or use an online version)
  •  reading through your work as you write, to check that it makes sense
  • making any changes as you write.


More importantly- have fun writing! 

Please send me any of your writing. I would love to read it. smiley





Each week I will give you a different spelling activity, looking at some of the spelling patterns we need to learn about in Year 2.


I would also like you to keep practising the spellings of the words on the Year 2 word list.

You can use Look Cover Say Write Check for this, you can write them in a sentence, you can Rainbow Write them, write them back to front. Use all of the ways we use in class to help us learn our spellings!



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