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On this page you will find a couple of extra tasks linked to this topic.

You do not have to do these - they are just a little extra if you fancy it.

Keep an exercise diary:

Record all the physical activity you have done each day and the amount of time you spent on each activity. It is recommended that you do an hour of exercise each day. Add up the time you spent on each activity to see if you met this recommendation.


Draw or write about the exercise you do and present it in the form of a diary.

You can use the template below if you wish.


You will be exploring exercise more next week!

Explore food further:

Look at the different food groups by completing the first exercise on the EAT WELL document below.

Can you put some of the food you have at home onto this diagram?

(You can print this sheet or draw your own diagram)


Look at the task on this document.

Read the labels on the foods to find out how much energy they provide - if you do not have these foods perhaps explore the food you do have at home.


Recap the words linked to the digestive system

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