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Your history project for the next two weeks is a historical enquiry to answer the question – 

How has life changed within living memory?


The idea is to find out more about life in the past and what was the same and different for your parents / grandparents / aunties /uncles when they were growing up.  You can gather evidence by speaking to members of family which you could do over the phone, by email or by using FaceTime / Skype for example – hopefully this will help bring a smile to their faces too J


You can present your findings in whatever way you like. Some ideas that we have had are: you could create a PowerPoint, a poster, a non-chronological report, do a drawing or video / record yourself doing a news bulletin. You may have some other great ideas too - the decision is yours!


Below you will find a video explaining the enquiry in more detail and pro-forma which will guide you through planning your enquiry, gathering evidence, analysing and presenting your findings.  You could fill this in if you want to, or just use it for some ideas. 


If you have any questions, feel free to email us and we can help J  We would also love to see your finished projects – please email them to us.  Most importantly, have fun and enjoy finding out about the past!

Video Lesson - How has home life changed within living memory?

This video is an explanation of how to conduct the enquiry question above. It goes through a step-by-step process of the chronological overview, skills and c...

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