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Home Learning - Links for Parents

A Message from Torquay Library


All our staff are working from home and putting out new ideas on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube for toddlers, children and grown-ups. 


We are offering on Facebook daily crafts, weekly singing, reading sessions and beginner language sessions (at the moment in German). 


For the families who do not follow social media, we have created our own YouTube channel, to watch our crafts, singing and German lessons. 



Important for all the young eager readers and their families who might run out of books: 

Everybody can get a free online membership card. This card will offer instant access to the catalogues and our huge online resources. 

To join the library online, please visit: 


We have eBooks, audiobooks and a variety of online magazines available for free via our website or by downloading the free 'Libby' app.


As you might already know, we offer children of primary schools our reading challenge - ‘the Book Quest’. 

Some of your pupils might already take part and would like to continue. Some of them might want to join. 

The children read the books that they can access at home, then send us the title and author and we will record this data. 

When the children have reached 25, 50, 75 or the final 100 books they will get, after the lockdown, their certificates sent to the school or presented in the library. 

We are also (with the written consent of the parent) able to congratulate the child on social media and celebrate the child’s success. 


The children can easily continue this challenge or even start their new journey during the lockdown -

 contact the library via Facebook messenger or at our email: 

Friday 27th March 2020


Dear Parents and Carers,

I hope you and your family are well and are managing at this unusual time. 


I hope the first week of home learning has been successful. I know that the teachers have really loved hearing from the children and been impressed with the pictures of their home learning, so please keep sending them via the class email. Please remember that teachers can be also contacted with any queries.


As the next two weeks should officially be the Easter holidays, we will not be setting work.  However, below is a document containing lots of useful links to a range of activities that you might like to do over the next couple of weeks with your children.


We would like to keep in touch with you, so teachers will be available through the class emails on Tuesday and Thursday morning between 9 – 12 pm during the Easter holidays.  Teachers will also be ringing families over the next couple of weeks to check in with children to see how they are and how learning is going.


Further details of home learning will be posted on the website on Tuesday 14th April (the first school day after the Easter holidays).


Do take care and I look forward to seeing you and the children when the school re-opens.


Kind regards

Angela Urquhart


This was a message we received from  Sooper Books.  Mrs Morley our literacy lead wanted to share it.


We are reaching out to every nursery and Primary School across the UK to offer our support at this difficult time.
If you are not yet familiar with our service, Sooper Books is a trusted online library for 4-12 year olds bringing award-winning children's stories to schools and families across the UK at the touch of a button. Our service is currently being used by thousands of Families, Schools and Councils across the UK.
***In light of recent events we are making ALL content on our site completely free of charge for the foreseeable future***
We recognise this is an extraordinarily challenging time for millions of families and the disruption to schooling is (and will continue to be) immense over the coming weeks and months. We simply hope that our small gesture will give Schools and Families a little bit of fun and educational value at this difficult moment.
Staff and parents can gain unlimited access to all of our stories via this link:
Feel free to share this with any staff, parents and children, whether they are still at school or at home. The Schools already connected with us have found it useful to share this link on their website for families to have access while at home. You are more than welcome to do the same.
We are also working hard in the background to produce high-quality audiobooks, read-along videos and teacher-approved lesson plans. These will be released over the coming weeks and will also be accessible free of charge.
Take care and very best wishes.
Kind regards,
Charlene & Simon
The Creators of Sooper Books


Class emails have been set up so that you can contact your child’s teacher about their learning and if you have any worries in general. They will be active from Monday. You are welcome to take a photograph of your child’s learning and send it by email to their class teacher and they will get back to you. Teachers will check their emails during school hours (9 – 3.20 pm) but please be patient when waiting for replies as many of our teachers have their own children who they will be having to support as well.  


Year 1  

Year 2  

Year 3  

Year 4  

Year 5  

Year 6  
Further work will continue to be set each week during the school closure (except during the Easter holidays).  This will be sent out by email and added to the website.   
We have also set up a school email address for every child in Key Stage 2 which they can use to communicate with their teacher from Monday.  Children’s log in details are their initial, followed by their surname and year they would have been in Reception; so, a child in Year 3 would be: 
Children’s passwords have been set as: 

 They will be prompted to change this when first signing in.  Please help them choose a password they can remember.  However, if they do forget it, they can email their teacher and it will be reset within 48 hours.  

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