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The children will have spellings every week and alternate Maths and Literacy.



Each night I would like the children to read to an adult for 10-15 minutes.

Please can you record a comment in their yellow Reading Journal, even if it is only which page they have read up to.

Please can you also ensure that they have their reading book and journal in school every day.



Please can you sit with your child and explain the task to them. Talk to them about what they have been asked to do and support them if they need it.

I would like the children to complete their homework as independently as possible, so please write me a note in the Homework Journal if they have found something particularly trickly. I would also like to know if they have found something easy.



Please can you sit and explain the task to your child. When writing, please can you encourage them to use the word mats that I sent home to check their key words spellings and to have a really good try at any unknown words they are trying to spell.

They need to try really hard with their presentation and should always write in pencil.



Spellings are given out on a Friday and are tested the following Friday. Scores from tests are written into Homework Journals for you to see how theyhave got on. 

Children should be practising their spellings throughout the week to ensure that they are confident and ready for the test on a Friday.


School Attendance
  • Reception 92.6%
  • Year 1 90.1%
  • Year 2 92.6%
  • Year 3 94.6%
  • Year 4 92.6%
  • Year 5 93.0%
  • Year 6 92.0%
  • School 92.4%
House Points
  • Anstey's 264
  • Babbacombe 295
  • Meadfoot 154
  • Oddicombe 210