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What is a portrait?

Spend some time just looking at the paintings in the National Portrait Gallery.

Are there any portraits you particularly liked / any you didn't like?

What was it that you liked/disliked about them?

Talk about this with an adult.

What do you think of this portrait?

Do you like it? why? If not, why not?

What do you think they  have used to create the portrait? ( oil pastel, oil paints etc.)

What skills do you think you would need to practice so that you could create something similar?

  • After having a good look at lots of portraits, choose a portrait as inspiration for your own final portrait.
  • Make notes on what you liked about your chosen portrait.
  • Use the internet to research facts about the artist of the portarit you have chosen.
  • . Find interesting facts and make notes about the time in which they created their art work, the technique they used or information about their life.

My artist

Choose your model ( the person you are going to draw.)

This should be someone who inspires you, someone who is a real hero to you in your home.

It would be great if you could also write down why you chose them as your model and why they are special to you.

My model

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