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Hello everyone,

Well, this half term has really flown by! I can’t say enough just how proud we are of the children, as they have met each new piece of learning with enthusiasm and excitement. They have also made a positive impression outside the classroom, with many staff members commenting on how they are now walking beautifully through the corridor.

Now that we have had the time to settle into the class, we are asking that children do not bring toys or teddies into school. We know that these can be a comfort to children, but the distress caused if these items are lost and damaged can be quite difficult for the children as well as distracting them from their learning. If children do need that comfort or connection to home then they can have a photograph in their bags.  


Activity money for this year is £15. This covers the cost of food tasting sessions and cooking for multicultural celebrations throughout the year. We now have access to the ParentPay facility to pay online (If you wish to pay this way just let me know and we can register you for this). You can still pay in cash, but this must be in an envelope. If you can get this into us as soon as you can, that would be great. If you have already paid, then please ignore this message!


I've put some half-term homework ('People Who are Special to Me' sheet) in your children's bookbags, but if the half-term takes you in another direction and you're out having fun, then don't panic about getting it in for the Monday after the holiday! 


We just really hope that you all have a fantastic break; you truly do deserve it!! 

A big well done to all of your wonderful children 🙂


See you all soon,
Mrs Beckett  

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