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Everyone needs an imaginary friend at the moment! Create yours with the help of Oliver Jeffers.



Meet Imaginary Fred

I expect that lots of you will have been watching Oliver Jeffers reading his books live. There is one book which really seems right for the strange times we are in, when we can’t easily go out and see our friends: Imaginary Fred.

Watch Oliver reading the book here:


This is a lovely book all about friends and friendship. Why not create (or bring to life) an imaginary friend? You may already have one or maybe you used to have one when you were smaller. Maybe you have never had one, but now is a perfect time to create one! Here are some questions to get you thinking:


  • Is your imaginary friend a person, an animal, an object?
  • What is their name?
  • What makes them such a good friend for you? What makes them special?
  • What do they look like?
  • Are they helpful, naughty, kind, cheeky, or funny? Bring them tolife!
  • You could draw them (maybe try using dots like in Oliver Jeffers’ illustrations).
  • You could make them from Lego/Duplo or plasticine /playdough.
  • You could cut out pictures of real people from magazines and put them together to make your imaginary friend.

I wonder what adventures you and your friend might have? You could try drawing some of the adventures or telling and writing the stories.

Share your work

We would love to see pictures of your imaginary friends and maybe some of your stories.
You can email these to


Things that could help me

Change it up!

…Go further!
Notes for parents and teachers

Watch the Oliver Jeffers video again to get some ideas. 

Talk to adults about whether they had imaginary friends. This website has other stories about imaginary friends

(you may have read some of them).  

Perhaps the pictures and the short summaries of each book will help. 

Write your own Imaginary XXXXX book. 

There are some imaginary friend stories which are scary so be aware that a general search for imaginary friends will bring these up. The link above is completely safe in that respect.

This activity also gives an opportunity to discuss how children are feeling about being isolated from their friends and if they are lonely. It is important children have a chance to express how they feel. Creating their imaginary friend can be a positive way to manage feelings of loneliness and isolation. 


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