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Design your perfect place to relax with a good book. Then... relax with a good book! 


What should I do?

Build a reading den!

Do you have somewhere special where you enjoy reading a good book?

Take a look at some authors’ favourite reading spots: summer/

Den-making is great fun and can really challenge your creative side... 

You can download some good instructions for making a den from using chairs, blankets or bedspreads, cushions and clothes pegs. An internet search for ‘reading den’ will bring up many more ideas, or you might prefer just to go your own way and let your imagination run wild! 

When making a den, you’re going to need to think of the following:
• Where do you want to make your den? - will you build an outdoors or indoors den? 

• What can you find to build it around the house? 

• Size – how big will your den be? Is it just for you or for more people? Will you want to be able to stretch out to read or are you happy to curl up? 

• Strength – how can you make a strong den that won’t easily fall over, trip anybody up, or bury you by collapsing?! 

• Permanence – how long do you want your den to stay up for? Will you want to leave your family without sofa cushions for very long, or can you create something wonderful behind the garden shed that you can enjoy for weeks and weeks?! 

Build yourself a reading den that will be the envy of all your friends! 





Try out your den – enjoy a book!

Choose a good book and hide out in your den to read it. You might like to take a photograph of you reading there or, take a picture of a teddy or other toy enjoying a great read instead. 

Think about your den design – does it do everything you need it to? What might you tweak to improve it further? 



Writing time!

Write some instructions for someone else to follow so they could build a den like yours. You could use photographs or drawings as well as really clear instructions 


Share your work

How might you share your work with your friends and me? Can you film yourself reading, or take photographs, then email them to me? 


Things that could help me

Ask an adult for help with building your den: you don’t have to let them in! 

You can find lots of ideas online for den-making. A number of websites include videos or articles written especially for parents to give advice and to emphasise how important sharing a book with your child is. Make a reading den: Oxford Owl; 

• informationadvice/keeping-kids-entertained-during-lockdown Den Building with Save the Children UK. 

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