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ANIMAL MASH UPS!  Create a ‘mash up’ animal in 10 minutes.



What should I do

> Get ready...

Authorfy (the website linked below) has daily 10 minute challenges set by well-known childrens authors. The challenge set by Sibéal Pounder sounds really good fun! 

You can use the video to hear instructions and also have a timer for the 10 minutes. To be ready, you will need: 

• paper
• pens/pencils/coloured pens 

Take the challenge
Watch the video challenge set by Sibéal Pounder (you will need to scroll down the page to find her challenge):  

Take the challenge and create a mashup animal! 


> Name it… 

Now write the name of your animal: 

  • Include the names of the two animals you have mixed up, like Sibéal did. 
  • Sound talk the phonemes to help you to work out how to write it. 

Take a look at the animal mashups in the pictures below: have a go at thinking of ideas for their names and use your sound talk to work out how to write them. 



> Share your work …

How might you share your work with your friends and your teacher(s)? Can you film yourself holding up a drawing of it and reading the name, or take photographs, then email them?


(Remember to ask your adult before going online!)




Change it up! 

You can watch the video more than once: don’t worry too much about the time limit. 

  1. A)  Create some more mashup animals and write their names. 
  2. B)  Write a description of your mashup animal: What are they like? Where do they live? What do they do? 

There are lots of 10 minute challenges on the Authorfy website. Some are more appropriate for older children but lots of them are worth trying out, and new ones are added every day. 




What Would You Call These? 


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