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Why should Grandad be the only one with an island?  Let your imagination run riot!



What should I do?

Watch this video of Benji Davies reading his fabulous book ‘Grandad’s Island’ 

Benji Davies reads Grandad's Island

After watching the video take some time to discuss the following with an adult: 


• Where would you go if you had a ship? 

• I wonder why Grandad decided to stay on the island?  What would you do? 

• How do you think Sid feels about Grandad staying on his island



Some activities to try: 

1. If you found a big metal door and went through it onto a ship, where would your ship take you?  Can you create an island in your imagination? Remember it’s your island so it can be whatever you think about. 

a. You could draw your island. 

b. You could make a shelter out of Lego so you could stay on your island. 

c. Why not try and make a map of your island? 

2. Who would you send a letter to if you decided to stay on the island?  Draw a picture like Grandad and write a letter.  You could put it in an envelope.



Share your work:

Take a picture of your island drawings/maps and send them to



Things that could help me:

Have a look at the examples of island maps on this webpage:


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