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Our topic in Year 2 this week continues with FRACTIONS

Lesson 1- Find three quarters

Lesson 2- Count in fraction 

Lesson 3- Measure length (cm)

Lesson 4- Measure length (m)

Lesson 5- Friday Challenge- with this one, the most suitable questions for Year 2 are questions 1,2,and 3.

If you can complete these 3 questions, then that's fantastic, but you could try out the rest of the problems with your family if you'd like to!


Please follow the link below and work through the week that says Summer Term week 1 ( week commencing 20th April). Don't worry that the date is wrong, we are a week behind when they started uploading them.


Watch the short teaching video and complete the activities for each lesson. 

The activities can be completed on the sheets (if you are able to print them) or on a piece of paper or work book. 

You can then check your own answers to see how well you are doing.

Maths Home Learning: Fluency Practice

In addition to this week’s topic please complete your Daily Fluent in 5 as well as spending time on Times Tables Rock Stars to keep practicing your skills.

Times Tables speed tests- extra practice

You can do a test each day and get your grown up to time you.

Can you beat your time each day?

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