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Maths Home Learning: White Rose


Our topic in Year 6 this week is: ANGLES & PROBLEM SOLVING


Please follow the link below and work through:

Summer Term Week 2: (If you haven't completed the previous week, please make sure you work through this first).


These are the lessons in focus this week:

Lesson 1: Angles in special quadrilaterals  

Lesson 2: Angles in regular polygons

Lesson 3: Problem Solving

Lesson 4: Problem Solving


There is a short teaching video and activities to complete for each lesson.  The activities can be completed on the sheets (if you are able to print them), on a piece of paper or in a work book.  You can then check your own answers to see how well you are doing.

Maths Home Learning: Fluency Practice

In addition to this week’s topic please complete your Daily Fluent in 5 as well as spending time on Times Tables Rock Stars to keep practicing your skills.

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