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White Rose (the scheme that we use at Homelands) has joined up with the BBC Bitesize Daily Maths team to make a clear learning plan for us to follow for the summer term.  This follows the same format as you are used to: a video, worksheet and answers.


To help children to be as well-prepared as possible for their next school year, they’ve set out a 12-week learning plan that means children can:

  • make sure they understand the main concepts they need for their work next year
  • cover any new learning that they have not yet have done in school


This is the overview that we will follow for the Summer Term.


To be able make use of White Rose videos alongside the BBC Bitesize lessons and to avoid any confusion all year groups this week will follow:

WEEK 3 – WK BG 4.5.2020



Our topic in YEAR 5 this week is: Multiplication, Division, Perimeter and Area.

This link has all the video tutorials to support this week’s lessons:


Below you will find the questions and answers for each lesson.


For further support on this topic have a look at BBC Bitesize Home Learning, follow this link to the BBC Bitesize Year 5 page or email us and we will be happy to help.

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