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Year 6 at Torquay Museum


On Thursday 25th of November, Year 6 took visited Torquay Museum to learn about an explorer from Torquay called Frank Browning. Frank Browning was part of Captain Scott's team in the race to the South Pole. Within the museum, we saw an Adelie penguin that Brown sent back to Torquay as a gift, along with the skis that he used on his expedition.  

The children learnt about how animals are adapted to live in the polar regions and conducted an experiment to show how a polar bear’s foot has a large surface area to distribute their load. We also learnt about the effectiveness of blubber. Matilda, Teegan, Archie and Tommy were all asked to submerge one finger into icy water to see how long they could hold it in there for. They then covered a finger in lard and submerged it back into the icy water. As the lard acted as blubber would on an animal, all children could hold their fingers in the icy water for longer the second time. 

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