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Peer Mediators

Peer Mediators

At Homelands, we have a group of dedicated children from year 6 who take on duties to help and assist with any problems at playtime or lunchtime. They are trained to help children to resolve problems in a sensitive way and with a caring approach.


What is a Peer Mediator?

A Peer Mediator is trained to help you sort out problems at school.

We will listen to you and not take sides.

We will not tell you off.

Our aim is to help you identify and express your feelings and needs.

We will not decide who is right or wrong or blame anyone.

We will offer suggestions to help you sort out your problem.

We will create solutions and agree a course of action together.

Our Peer Mediators

School Attendance
  • Reception 90.11%
  • Year 1 97.08%
  • Year 2 92.47%
  • Year 3 95.94%
  • Year 4 96.22%
  • Year 5 95.09%
  • Year 6 96.11%
  • School 94.71%
House Points
  • Anstey's 192
  • Babbacombe 152
  • Meadfoot 134
  • Oddicombe 122