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This week we are looking at alternative spellings for the ‘oa’ and the ‘m’ phonemes or sounds.



In order to follow the activities below you will need to click on the links and enter the following when prompted:           

USERNAME: march20         PASSWORD: home


Day 1 –  Start with practising all the sounds from the previous stages using the sound mats on this link:  
Write as many graphemes (the written version of the sound) as you can remember for the ‘oa’ sound. Check the top of the page to see if you managed to write them all.
Then click this link:

 Click ‘phoneme Spotter’. Read the text together and note down all the words that contain the ‘oa’ phoneme or sound. 



Day 2 – Start by practising spelling tricky words from all phases (choose words which you think need the most practise)   .  Move on to ‘word sort’ for the ‘oa’ phoneme or sound by following this link:



Day 3 – Word challenge- How many words can you write with each of these graphemes:

ow      oe     oa     ough     o_e    o

Then click this link:  click ‘next’ to go to week 12 – Wednesday  and click ‘oa’. read the sentences aloud. Write down all the words you can find containing the phoneme or sound ‘oa’. 



Day 4 – Write as many graphemes as you can remember for the ‘m’ phoneme or sound before checking if you got them right by following checking the top of the page.  Write down and read the following words together: mouse, summer, thumb.   Underline the ‘m’ sound or phoneme in each word. Notice together how the written version or grapheme of this sound can appear differently in words.

Write the following sentences: A small crumb is under my thumb

Swimming makes my toes go numb.

This summer, my mum met a mouse.




Day 5 –  Start with practising all the sounds from the previous stages by playing Time Trial:   

Word challenge- write down the following graphemes for the ‘m’ phoneme or sound and try and write a word for each grapheme.

n     mb     mm

Challenge yourself further to include these words in a sentence.





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