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This week, in phonics, we have 2 tasks for you!


Task 1 – Tricky words stepping stones:

We would like you to revise your phase 3 tricky words.

  1. Write your tricky words on card ‘stones’ or ‘puddles’.
  2. Spread the words out on the floor or outside.
  3. Encourage your child to hop onto a ‘stone’ or into a ‘puddle’ and read the word they have landed on. Ensure care is taken if the surface is slippery. If you are playing the games as ‘Puddle Jumping’, your child could wear their wellies as they jump between the ‘puddles’.

Phase 3 tricky words: he, she, we, me, be, was, my, you, they, here, all, are

See the document below for full instructions, a picture of the activity and phase 3 and 4 extension ideas.


Task 2 - We would also like you to revise some phase 3 sounds by completing the following 3 activities from the revision pack:

  1. ‘Crayon doodles’
  2. ‘Be an illustrator’
  3. ‘Kit and Sam board game’

Feel free to complete the other activities in the pack, if you want to!

Children returning to school:

The phonics activities this week are all revision activities so we would like you to choose some to do at home and we will revise in school too.  

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