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Before getting started please take some time to review all sounds from the previous stages. This can be done by using the sound mats attached in the last learning pack or by following this link:


In order to follow the activities below you will need to click on the link below and enter the following when prompted:

USERNAME: march20



Day 1 – Click Phoneme Spotter and read the text aloud. Ask them to write down on a piece of paper all words they can find containing the phoneme. Click on the Reveal Graphemes button. Count how many you managed to find!

Day 2 - Choose Word Sort. Recap all the graphemes (written versions of the sound) as above. Click the red button to reveal a word card. Ask a child to sound talk the word and ask them to decide which column this word belongs in. Drag the word to the column most children choose. Encourage the child to watch carefully where words end up on the chart and to look for patterns. Can they identify the best bet (which is the most commonly used grapheme for the /ai/ phoneme)? 

Day 3 - Play Word Sort again but, this time, children to play with less support or independently. 

Day 4 – Write down a list of objects in your home that contain the ‘ai’ sound or phoneme. 

Day 5 – Using your tricky word list write sentences using any of the alternative spellings for ‘ai’. 

Tricky words which can be found in your previous pack or by following this link:


Phonics - 14.04.20 - PDF

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