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This week, in phonics, we are beginning our recap of our phase 3 digraphs and we will be focusing on ch, sh, th and ng.

ch (as in chair)

sh (as in shop)

th (as in thin)

ng (as in wing)

  1. Show your child the sheet. Ask them to segment and blend each word to read it. Segmenting is when we separate the sounds in the word like a robot e.g. sh   i   p and blending is when we put the sounds back together to read the word e.g. ship.
  2. Ask them to draw a line from the word to the matching picture. If you are not able to print off the sheet, ask your child to point to the matching picture.
  3. Challenge: Can you spell your own word to match one of the pictures? You can write this on the sheet, in your work book or on a piece of paper.
  4. Can you find anything in your house that starts with or has a sh, ch, th or ng sound in it? You could draw a picture, label it and send it to us at
  5. Can you put some of your ch, sh, th and ng words in a sentence e.g. The shop was shut. You can write your sentences on the sheet, in your work book or on a piece of paper. 
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