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This week we are looking at alternative spellings for the ‘ee’ and ‘ch’ phonemes or sounds.


In order to follow the activities below you will need to click on the links and enter the following when prompted:          

 USERNAME: march20         PASSWORD: home


Day 1 –  Start with practising all the sounds from the previous stages using the sound mats on this link:  . Then click this link:  Click Phoneme Spotter and read the text aloud. Write down on a piece of paper all words you can find containing the phoneme. Click on the Reveal Graphemes button. Count how many you managed to find!


Day 2 - Start with practising the spelling of tricky words using the following link:   After this, click this link:   andChoose Word Sort. Recap all the graphemes (written versions of the sound) as above. Click the red button to reveal a word card. Sound talk the word and decide which column this word belongs in. Drag the word to the column. Can you spot any patterns in these words?


Day 3 – Quick write of all the graphemes for ‘ee’ (The written versions of the sound ‘ee’ see sound strip above) How many did you manage to write? Which graphemes did you miss? Click the following link to practise reading sentences with this sound:  


Day 4 – Start with practising the spelling of tricky words using the following link:   Then move on to a quick practise of the graphemes for the ‘ch’ sound. Write the words: rich, much, future, adventure, catch, stitch and underline the ‘ch’ sound in each word before segmenting and blending them out loud. Can you read the following sentences?


Day 5 – Can you write the following words using your knowledge of the different sounds for the ‘ee’ phoneme: tree, three, steam, happy, monkey, these, chief.  Then move on to read the following sentences:


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