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Homelands Primary School Believe, Belong, Be Proud!

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This week you have two reading tasks.


Task 1:

Your first task is to complete the ‘Phase 3 tricky word scavenger hunt’. Please see the printable resources below.


  • Ask a grown up to hide the words around your house or garden
  • Use your checklist to help you hunt for the different words.
  • Once they have found a word, tick it off on the Scavenger Hunt Checklist.
  • Can you read each word?
  • Can you count how many words you have found?
  • Can you find any of these tricky words in your reading book or home books this week?


Phase 3 tricky words: he, she, we, me, be, you, all, are, her, was, they, my.


Task 2:

This week you will also continue to use your free account, on the oxford owl for home website.


1. Use the link above to access the site and sign in.  


2. Under the browse the library tab, click on the levels arrow.


3. Click on letters and sounds phase/phase 3.


4. Click the book "On Nok’s Trail".  Children can listen to the audio first then read the book themselves.  Make sure your child reads the book 3x over a week. There are also some activities that they could do.


5. If your child finds this book a little tricky still have a go but then, click on the levels arrow, letters and sounds phase/phase 2 and try "Tin Cat."


6. This week, if you have read “On Nok’s Trail”, and you would like an extra challenge, go to the levels tab, click letters and sounds phase/phase 4 and read “Helter- Skelter”. The phase 4 books will have a few words where the sounds are said very closely together but there are no new sounds to decode.


Children returning to school:

We will be completing task 1 at school and reading together each day too. You can also read these books at home if you would like.

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