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Homelands Primary School Believe, Belong, Be Proud!

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In each pack below, are two comprehension activities: one fiction and one non-fiction. 

Please read through each text carefully and have a go at answering the questions.  Present your answers in full sentences. 

You can check your answers using the last page of each document. 

The first pack is pitched at Year 6 comprehension.  If you would like something a little easier, please use pack 2.

A reminder of what VIPERS are:


V= VOCABULARY (finding the meaning of words in context, other words that mean the same thing)

I= INFERENCE ('reading between the lines' and using clues from the text, without the author actually telling us.)

P= PREDICTION (suggesting what might/could happen)

E= EXPLAIN (giving details about what has happened)

R= RETRIEVE (finding the answers from the text)

S= SUMMARISE (retell the main points in your own words)

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