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Science project


Over the next 2 weeks in our new home learning project we will be having some fun with Science!

We are going to take the Year 2 topic uses of everyday materials and we are going to identify, compare and discuss lots of different materials.

We are also going to think about how different materials are used to make different things, and why.


This first week is going to be all about investigating, exploring and comparing different materials and thinking about their properties.   

Watch the YouTube video below, which recaps on your Year 1 learning, and will talk about some of the materials we will be looking at, and their properties.

Year 1 Science - An introduction to the Science topic 'Everyday Materials'.

This video link is a recap of Year 1 learning on 'Everyday Materials'.

Now watch the 2nd YouTube video which will tell you about materials and their properties.


The property of a material is something about it that we can measure, see or feel and helps us decide whether or not it is the best material.

Primary Science Lesson Idea: Properties of Materials

Here is a pdf with lots of different properties of materials which you can use to help you with your writing during our project.



Task 1

How do we know objects are made from different materials?

  • Collect a pile of your toys and write down what you think each of the toys are made from. (Some toys are made from lots of different materials, so choose the material which makes up most of the toy.)

  • Which material is the most common?


Can you sort the toys into categories?

  • What did you find out?

  • What is the most common material for your toys to be made out of?

  • Why do you think these materials make good toys?

Make a note of the different materials you have.


What are the properties of the materials you have?

  • Use the table below to write down as many properties as you can for each of the materials.
  • Can you also spot other things around you home that are made from each of these materials?






After completing your table of properties. Close your eyes.

Ask your adult to pass you one of the objects and feel it (no peeking!)

Describe what it feels like and then tell them what materials it is made from.

How did you know?

How did it feel?

What properties could you FEEL?

Take some photos of this activity to send to me!


I hope you enjoy your first week of finding out about and investigating materials and their properties!


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