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Science Understanding the World


Over the next two weeks, the whole school is going to be completing a two week Science home learning challenge. Reception class are going to be learning about minibeasts.

Over the next fortnight, we would like you to complete the following activities:

  • Take a walk around a garden or outside area. What minibeasts can you find? Try looking under plant pots and stones, looking on leaves and bushes or around small plants and flowers.
  • Draw a picture or take a photo of any minibeasts you find. We have attached a minibeasts checklist to the home learning page which you can use to help you if you like. Alternatively you can use paper or your school work book.
  • Write the names of the minibeasts you find next to your photos or pictures. Remember to use your sounds including digraphs and trigraphs e.g. buterfligh (butterfly).
  • Write sentences to tell us where you found your minibeasts e.g. I fownd the ant on the gras. (I found the ant on the grass).
  • Please email us photos of your hunts, drawings and writing to .


This is a useful website link to a BBC school radio listen and play page where you can listen to and guess minibeast sounds, listen to and learn the wiggly woo rhyme as well as listen to a story:


Extension challenges:

  • Can you make a model or a minibeast you have found? You could use playdough or empty cardboard boxes or tubes. Maybe you could use yogurt pots or plastic bottles too. You could even make minibeast cakes. Here are some ideas:


  • Can you make a minibeast hotel for your garden? We have attached some instructions below.
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