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Science Wk 2


This week we will be moving onto an experiment where we will be thinking about what we have learnt about materials and their properties and we will be thinking about WHY certain materials are better suited for certain jobs than others.

This is our BIG IDEA!


To learn that certain materials are better suited to certain jobs, because of their properties

Let’s think about some important questions;

Why isn’t Superman’s cape made out of metal?

Would a helmet made out of metal keep us safe?

Spider-Man is feeling jealous of Thor’s magnificent red cape and has decided that he needs a cape too, but which material should Spidey use for his cape so that it flies best in the wind as he’s swinging around New York?

You need to look around your house for materials that you could make a cape with; paper/foil/cotton/fleece etc

You could make your mini cape for a toy figure, Lego figure, small doll or a teddy!

I suggest that you make 3 or 4 mini capes, as much the same size as they can be, and then test them out!



Properties of a good cape

  • Light
  • Strong
  • Flies well in the wind when running


Before you start your testing, make sure you write down which cape you predict will be the best and why. Then you can test them out and see if you were right!



How to test?

  • Run with your figure wearing each superhero cape and record how high it flies!
  • Maybe ask an adult to use a fan or cold air hair dryer to blow air through your cape and record how high it flies.



Which factors do we need to keep constant? (the same)

  • Size of cape
  • The speed of running and how far you run
  • The person testing

When you have finished, I would like you to present your findings in whatever way you like. You could create a PowerPoint, make a poster, write a short Science report, do a drawing or video / record yourself doing a news bulletin.

You may have some other great ideas too - the decision is yours!


I can’t wait to see the photos of you enjoying your Science project and having fun with it!

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