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Correcting spellings can be tricky when we do not recognise when a word is spelt incorrectly.

This week you are going to continue correcting spellings and then practising the ones you find tricky.



In the document below there are 16 sentences USE A DICTIONARY to find the correct spellings for these words.

Once you have done that check you have the correct spellings using the spelling list document.


If you haven't got access to a dictionary at home, try using this online dictionary.



Once you have completed this, choose between 10-15  words you find tricky and these will be your spelling words to learn this week. 

Write each word into your own sentence to show your understanding of that word. (Do not copy the sentences from task 1).



Choose at least 2 activities from the document below to help you learn them and then ask someone to test you on Friday!


Task 4: (Additional for extra practice)

Split each word into syllables.  Within each syllable identify the vowel sound by writing it in a different colour.



signature – there are 3 syllables:   SIG    NA    TURE

Every syllable has at least one vowel or vowel sound:  SIG    NA    TURE


  • Clap out each syllable whilst saying it out aloud.
  • A nice activity using the syllables is to put each syllable onto a piece of card (I use a cut up old cereal box!) and then once you have all of your words cut up into syllables, muddle them up and then try to match them back together again as quickly as you can.
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