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Spring Term

Morning Spanish Workshop at Churston Ferrers Grammar School - Tuesday 2nd April


Beth, Declan and Josie had the opportunity to attend a morning Spanish workshop held at Churston Ferrers Grammar School.


They were lucky enough  to  be taught by the school's Head of Modern Foreign Languages, Mrs A.V. Bright.


The children really enjoyed taking part in the fun activities which certainly extended their skills in Spanish.


Mrs Bright was very impressed with their Spanish.  The children thought that it was ¡estupendo!/ ¡excelente!/ ¡fabuloso!/¡extraordinario!

Easter Exploration

Year Four had a visit from ICE Torbay (Initiative in Christian Education).  We explored more about Easter from a Christian perspective.  We enjoyed learning more and taking time to reflect on our own hopes, dreams and worries.  You are welcome to pop into class before Easter to see what we have produced.

Multi-Cultural Week 

During Multicultural Week Year 4 learnt about Poland. 

Mrs Kukwa brought in a selection of Polish food fpr the children to try.  These foods included Polish sausage, cheese, pickles, cheese dumplings and chocolate.

The children also learnt about the custom of decorating eggs to celebrate the start of spring.

Food Tasting!

Egg Painting

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