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Spring Term

YEAR 6 MUSIC: Ancient Egyptian Raps

We have been using our knowledge of the Ancient Egyptians to write raps during our music sessions. We explored how rappers write and the techniques they use when performing.

Please follow the links below. We hope you enjoy them!

YEAR 6 SCIENCE: Animals Including Humans


In our Science learning, we asked the question: 


Exploring how nutrients pass through our digestive system to different parts of our body, Year 6 became the human body.  They did this by replicating the job of the stomach, duodenum, the small intestines, the nutrients in the blood vessels and body parts.

Have a look at this in action:

Samba carnival with Vicky Oakley.

Year 6 had a wonderful time at Torquay Museum experiencing a hands on Ancient Egyptian workshop.  They  learnt about a variety of Egyptian
artefacts by playing Egyptian games, building their own pyramid, making scarab beetles, writing their names in hieroglyphics, dressing up and the highlight 
of the morning: learning about the mummified boy of a young boy from around 600 BC.

Our visit to Torquay Museum.

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