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Spring Term

What we've been reading:

We're working really hard at being authors again this term, adding to our writing toolkits.

Our first book was 'I Don't Believe It Archie', we used this to write funny stories about something going wrong!

Next we looked at 'Did Romans really eat Flamingos?', to investigate the tools used for writing an information text.

We also investigated dictionaries, using 'The dictionary of difficult words' to check the tools used to write a good definition.

Now we are using 'Little Evie in the Wild Wood' to develop our understanding of how to build an atmosphere in our writing.

Weather forecasts

This term we are studying weather and climate. To start this unit we learnt about types of weather, watched weather forecasts, and made our own weather reports!

Measuring length

We have been learning about measuring perimeter, and working out missing side lengths. We applied this to making rainbows!

Iron Age Roundhouses

We made Iron Age roundhouses in the garden and got very muddy! We made these as part of our work to understand what life was like in Britain, before the Romans invaded. We collected lots of mud, sticks, grass and leaves to use, and we worked in 'clans' to make our roundhouses. Some clans formed alliances, and others built walls around their villages. In the Iron Age we know they had walls around their settlements to protect them from attackers. Next week we are going to investigate what life looked like in Britain after the Romans invaded, thinking about what stayed the same and what changed.  

Parent Share as part of World Book day.

Get into shape day!

We had lots of fun on 'get into shape' day. We took part in many different shape related activities, including: 

- using coordinates to find letters that would reveal a secret message,

- racing to shapes, using vertices, edges, and faces, to work out what 3D shape was being described,

- working as a team to make a 2D shape, using everyone's bodies,

- estimating how many multi-link cubes were in the glass cabinet (there were over 1000!).



St Cuthbert Mayne visit


This term our homework project was to create a habitat with different plants and animals, explaining why the plants and animals would live there - linking this to the weather and climate in the habitat. 

Lots of people chose to create a rainforest, as the plentiful sunshine and rain here is perfect for helping lots of plants and animals live happily! Some chose deserts too, with an arid climate, as the plants and animals here need interesting adaptations to survive.

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