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Step Three

                            The Teddy Experiment 

Create a shelter for teddy, to help him escape the rain using materials you have in your home.

It is up to you how you choose to present your information for this experiment but here are some points that you should consider in presenting your findings:


> List the materials that you used.

> Did these materials keep the teddy dry?

> What were the properties of these materials that kept the teddy dry or left him wet?

> How did you prepare for this experiment?

> You were limited to materials you already had in your home, but if you had a magic wand which material would you have used and why?
>Did you make sure that each material had the same amount of water poured on it/ Why?

Please remember to only use materials that you already have in your home. The point of this investigation is the experimentation of different materials and seeing which ones fail to keep teddy dry along with those that successfully keep teddy dry. You do not have to use a teddy. Another small toy or simply a drawing of a teddy will be fine! :) 

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