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Step Two

Step 2-   Sorting Materials based on their Simple Properties:

In this step we will look at how materials have certain properties which make them perfect for their use
(Example- A chair is made from wood, which is rigid and hard so it can be sat on).

Watch this short video below to begin learning about how to sort materials based on their properties.

You might like to familiarise yourself with the key vocabulary below in order to sort materials.


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Start with describing materials using their properties (example: hard, soft, waterproof...)


                             Then move on to testing the material of your objects in order to discover their properties.
                        The following sheets are just an example. You can create your own or add to the example sheet.

Some materials may have more than one property.
The Venn diagram is a good way of representing this.

You can complete the example below or create your own using the key words above.

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