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Summer Term 2021

Today Chris Johnson came to visit Nursery with all of his wonderful animal friends. We met two snakes called Monty and Ebony. Ebony is the black Mexican King Snake and Monty is a Royal Python. We also got to hold a blue tongued skink called Barney. He was very friendly! Then we met a Pygmy Brazilian Owl called Pip. She was absolutely tiny! We also met a tenrec called Sarka. She looks like a hedgehog but is related to elephants! Lastly we met a huge stick insect and a giant millipede. We loved learning about all of the animals.

Week starting the 19th July- the last week of term! Wow what a hot week! We have enjoyed paddling pools and ice lolly treats to keep us cool. We also finished our wonderful batik inspired by the sea.

The children enjoyed learning more about fish by looking at a makerel. They looked at the teeth, eyes and gills with great interest and care. They also looked at the scales.

Week starting the 5th July. We have been making starfish and fish cookies to eat at snack time and to take home and share with our families. We have also enjoyed sailing to Africa in a big boat we made in the sand pit!

Week starting the 28th June. We are looking at the sea again, this week with the story of the 'Rainbow Fish'. A lovely story about emotions and sharing. We are having lots of fun with our friends.

Week starting the 21st June. The older children are starting to think about moving onto their reception classes in September. The younger year group of children are getting ready to meet new nursery children in September. Our new topic is the seaside.

Evie lost her toy tiger that she likes to look after in nursery. So, the children designed lost tiger posters. They looked at a jolly phonics sound mat to work out how to write tiger. Then they helped Mrs Selley and Mrs Smethurst to design a poster on the computer. We put the posters up around the school. We talked about what tigers eat and looked for clues like tiger prints in the garden. We asked some of the other classes if they had seen the tiger and we even heard a roar when we were having a picnic in the garden area!

Week starting the 14th June. We have been enjoying the warm weather and finding shady places to play outside. We have been talking about why sun cream and sun hats are important. Inside some of the children built an amazing Mosque out of blocks- linking to our Eid topic. Please look for the Mosque in the photos below. Our book focus this week is Oliver's Fruit Salad and we are making yummy fruit salad to take home for Father's Day.

Week starting the 7th June. we started the week by drawing pictures of our half term holidays and all of the fun that we had had with our families. Then we started sharing the book Oliver's Vegetables, which our new topic is based around. We have also been enjoying the sunny weather and have set up a 'car wash' outside. This week we started our Father's Day cards!

Week starting the 24th May. We are still learning about Eid and will finish our clay mehndi and Eid Mubarak cards this week. We are also enjoying the better weather outside.

Eid Mubarak! Happy Eid! We will spend the next two weeks learning all about Eid. We will start by looking at the photos some of our Muslim families have kindly shared with us of their Eid celebrations at home. We will also try some yummy sweet dates and baklava that another family has kindly given us to share. We will read stories and non-fiction books all about Eid and about Islam. We will make clay mehndi art work to take home and do some marbling to create special Eid cards. We will learn about shape through looking at mosques. We will try to create arabesque geometric, Islamic inspired art using repeating patterns.

17th May- what a wet day! We enjoyed investigating puddles today and got very wet! Who do you think made the biggest splash?

Friday 7th May. Shape day. We did lots of fun learning activities all about shape.

Week starting 10th May- learning about Africa and reading the stories Handa's Surprise and Handa's Hen. Playing and exploring inside and outside as we learn. We enjoyed using sticks and our hands for painting outside. We prentended that the paint was lava from a volcano when we swept up the paint and water when we cleaned up together.

Over the next two weeks we will be exploring the story of Handa's Surprise and learing about Africa. Today we did some African savannah inspired screen printing. We also enjoyed exploring and learing outside in the sunshine.

Meeting Mrs Smethurst's duckings, Marigold and Ezmerelda. They are two weeks old. The children fed them, held them and watched them swimming for their bath time. We found out about looking after ducks.

School Attendance
  • Reception 90.3%
  • Year 1 91.8%
  • Year 2 92.7%
  • Year 3 91.3%
  • Year 4 94.8%
  • Year 5 94.9%
  • Year 6 92.2%
  • School 93%
House Points
  • Anstey's 55
  • Babbacombe 43
  • Meadfoot 63
  • Oddicombe 45