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Share your story on life in lockdown.




What to write about


Professor Joe Moran offers some great advice about taking time to notice what’s around you:  


Sophie Minchell also has tips on finding ideas for your writing:  


• What is the same as and what is different from before: daily routines; what you eat; when and where and how you play; what you dream of...?

• What do you like and dislike about lockdown?

• Your inside thoughts and feelings versus your outside actions (what others see of you)

• What experiences are you having that everyone shares and what ones are unique to you and your family? Can you imagine how a different person might think and feel?

• Maybe follow one thing throughout a day in lockdown – your dog, a drinks mug, the sofa, your front door/letterbox...




How to write about it

Before you begin to write, decide what form you will be writing.
The Generation Lockdown suggestions include:

• a recount
• a poem
• a story but you are free to choose and submit writing in other forms too!


Draft your writing

You can find Generation Lockdown Top Tips from Teachers on how to draft your piece of writing. (under the ‘Inspiration’ tab’s drop-down menu):    


You can watch some of the author videos (under the same drop-down menu) to get even more advice:


Produce your final version and send it to 

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