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Draw your penguin

You are going to draw and create your own penguin and then take him or her on a journey. Watch this video to learn how to draw simple penguins: 



Practise drawing lots of different penguins before you choose your penguin to take on a trip. You can give your penguins different clothes, hats, glasses, beards, jewellery!

When you have chosen, you are going to make their passport for the trip:

  • Draw your penguin in the ‘photograph’ box.

  • Give them a name and make up an address: write it in the name and address section.

  • Sign how your penguin would sign in the signature box.



Take a trip
Look at Maggie Li’s book ’Big City Atlas’. You can see part of it here: 


In her book, a penguin visits lots of different places in the world and writes about what he sees.

  • Create a page where your penguin visits somewhere that you know. It could be your town, somewhere you have visited or somewhere you know lots about.

  • Talk to an adult about the place your penguin is going to visit. Make sure you know at least four facts about it.

  • Draw the map and add some captions with information about the place.



Share your work

Send your work to 



BBC Bitesize Geography pages have lots of videos and information about places. The Barnaby Bear videos would be useful to watch to give ideas: 



A)  You could take your penguin to other places and create your own version of the ‘Big City Atlas’.

B)  Research one of the places in more detail and write a fact file about it.

C)  Why not create an imaginary place for your penguin to visit?





You can register for free at and that will allow you to download the text extract (and lots of others too!).

You could use Google Street View to take virtual tours of cities or towns with children before they create their map.

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