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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3


Your Year 3 teacher is Miss Jolley,  Miss Bradford is the HLTA and Miss Burton is the class TA.


As part of their homework the children are expected to read every day.  Spellings are handed out every Thursday and then tested the following Thursday. Times tables are also tested on a Wednesday. Additional homework will be sent on a Friday and will need to be returned by Wednesday.


We have PE on a Thursday and Friday, please ensure that your child's PE kit is in school on these days and that it is clearly labelled with their name.

Drumming Share July 2018

We performed as a class for the last time this week to show how far we have come with our Samba playing.  We invited the whole school to come and listen as well as our family and friends.  We could see how much the children from the other classes enjoyed it, especially the children in Year 2 and they got excited to know that they will be learning how to do this next year!

We thanked Mr Collings for teaching us and he invited us to join the After School Samba Band next year. Thank you Mr Collings, our family and friends and the rest of the school for coming to hear us play one final time together.

On Thursday we went to St Cuthbert Mayne for our Spring 2 attendance treat. We learnt lots of new jumps for trampolining as well as new skills in Dodgeball. Then when we returned to school we all had a picnic on the field and ended it with some games.

Attendance treat

Samba Dance and Drumming Share March 2018

We spent the last 6 weeks creating a series of dance movements to perform with our music. This linked to our Geography topic about Brazil.

We have been learning to play the Samba instruments for two terms now and wanted to share our new learning with our family and friends. These included playing some new, quite tricky rhythm patterns and playing on our own as part of our class piece. 

After our performance we taught our family and friends to play our rhythms on the Samba instruments and then Mr Collings helped them to perform with us. They even managed to learn how to stop playing when the whistle blew! We were very impressed with what you had learned and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!


Thank you to all who came to see our joint Samba dance and drumming share.


Follow the links below to see our performances.

Year 3 Sticky Archery Thursday 8th March

Our Attendance treat. Fire Building,toasting marshmallows,hot chocolate and songs around the fire.

Spanish - January 2018

We really enjoyed finding out about the Spanish New Year tradition of 'Doce Uvas' (12 grapes). This tradtion involves a bell chiming 12 times at midnight and on every chime eating a quarter of a grape until our mouths were full!


The children have been investigating how light works.  They used mirrors in their investigations.  The children were amazed by how many reflections they were able to see when adjusting the angles of the mirrors.

Samba drumming performance


Thank you to all who came to our Autumn term music share.  We hope you were impressed with the skills we had learned so far in Samba drumming. We are going to use our evaluations with Mr Collings next term to help us to improve our playing.


Click on the link to view our performance.


Bread Making

As part of our Design & Technology project year 3 have been designing their own style of bread.  They chose different flavours and added other ingredients to make it truly their own.  We then had an afternoon where they were able to create and sample their bread designs.


We all thoroughly enjoyed the experience.


We have enjoyed starting to learn Spanish this term and already know how to talk about ourselves and greet each other in Spanish.  We can say how we feel and how old we are. The last two weeks of this term have been spent learning about Christmas traditions in Spain.

Below are some links to games we have played in class.  Try and play some at home!

School Attendance
  • Reception 100%
  • Year 1 91.3%
  • Year 2 88.7%
  • Year 3 93.8%
  • Year 4 93.3%
  • Year 5 90.3%
  • Year 6 85.9%
  • School 91.9%
House Points
  • Anstey's 255
  • Babbacombe 236
  • Meadfoot 191
  • Oddicombe 296