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Homelands Primary School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of all its pupils. All staff have received appropriate training and induction so that they understand their roles and responsibilities and are confident about carrying them out. 


Staff, pupils, parents and governors feel secure that they can raise any issues or concerns about the safety or welfare of children and know that they will be listened to and taken seriously.  This is achieved by maintaining an ethos of safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people.  At our school, we are not afraid to challenge each other to keep our children safe. 


The school's Child Protection Policy details the procedures that the school has put in place to ensure that staff are protecting children from harm and promoting their welfare.


Safeguarding our children covers many aspects including:

  • Recruiting staff and volunteers
  • Allowing visitors into the school
  • Checking attendance and following up any low attendance
  • Ensuring playtimes are safe and enjoyable for all pupils
  • Educating our pupils about bullying, online safety, staying safe in the community, drug and alcohol awareness and health education
  • Training staff and volunteers


If you have any concerns about your child or any other pupil in the school, please speak to either our Designated Safeguarding Lead, Angela Urquhart, or to one of our Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads, Jodie Sharman, Sam Lawrenson or Helen Reeves.


or email:


The Lead Teacher for looked after children in the school is Mrs Angela Urquhart.



                                                           Angela Urquhart           Jodie Sharman                 Sam Lawrenson              Helen Reeves

Operation Encompass

Operation Encompass is a partnership between school and Devon and Cornwall Police. Operation Encompass reports to schools, prior to the start of the next school day, when a child or young person has exposed to, or involved in, any domestic incident.


Operation Encompass will ensure that a member of the school staff, known as a Key Adult, is trained to allow them to liaise with the police and to use the information that has been shared, in confidence, while ensuring that the school is able to make provision for possible difficulties experienced by children, or their families, who have been involved in, or exposed to, a domestic abuse incident.

We are keen to offer the best support possible to all our pupils and we believe this will be extremely beneficial for all those involved.



School Attendance
  • Reception 89.7%
  • Year 1 93.3%
  • Year 2 91.7%
  • Year 3 90.5%
  • Year 4 95.4%
  • Year 5 93.9%
  • Year 6 91.6%
  • School 92.6%
House Points
  • Anstey's 55
  • Babbacombe 43
  • Meadfoot 63
  • Oddicombe 45