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Homelands Primary School Aspiring and Achieving

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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff and Governors at our school.

Teaching and Support Staff

Angela Urquhart - Head Teacher

Sam Lawrenson - Assistant Head Teacher (KS1)

Helen Reeves - Assistant Head Teacher ( KS2)

Foundation Stage

Amy Smethurst - Foundation 1 Teacher/Faiths and Beliefs (inc. Multi-cultural Element) Lead
Helen Birks - Foundation 1 Teacher/P.E. Subject Leader
Sam Lawrenson - Foundation 2 Teacher/Early Years & Outdoor Education Leader

Sophie Donovan - Foundation 2 Teacher/Art and DT lead

Lynn Selley - Nursery Nurse in Foundation 1

Shoni Bradshaw- Teaching Assistant in Foundation 2

Maria Brown - Teaching Assistant in Foundation 1 (Mornings)  Foundation 2 (afternoons)

Rosie Lee - SEN Teaching Assistant Foundation Stage and Year 2 (afternoons)


Key Stage One

Cerys Beckett - Year 1 Teacher/ Art and DT Lead

Nicki Morley - Year 2 Teacher/Literacy Lead

Jayne Fuller - Year 2 and HLTA cover Foundation 2 and KS1

Charlotte Fisher-Payne - SEN Teaching Assistant  Year 2

Ruth Washington Turner- Year 2 Teaching Assistant

Beccy Clarke - Year 1 Teaching Assistant


Key Stage Two

Mr Daniel - Year 3 Teacher  Science and Computing Lead

Gemma Keast - Year 4 Teacher (Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday morning)/Geography/History Lead

Mark Treadwell -  Year 4 Teacher and SENDCo

Helen Reeves  - Year 5 Teacher (Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday morning) and PSHE Lead

Hazel Bennett - Year 5 Teacher and Faiths and Beliefs (inc.Multi-cultural element) Lead

Emma Taylor - Year 6 Teacher/Maths Lead

Sam Bradford -  Year 6 and HLTA  cover for KS2 and Foundation 1

Sarah Garrett -  Year 6 Teaching Assistant

Deb Matthews- Year 5 Teaching Assistant

Leigh Stephens - Year 4 Teaching Assistant 


Kit Page - Music Teacher

Dawn Channon - Languages/Key Stage 1 and 2

Jackie Herrera - Pastoral Lead


Administrative Staff

Tracy Rowe - School Business Manager/Clerk to Governors

Kim Procter - Admin Assistant/Attendance

Nicky Hughes - ICT support/ Data Manager/Library


Meal Time Assistants

Leigh Stephens 

Caroline Palmer

Nicky Taylor

Trudy Burke

Beccy Clarke

Ruth Washington Turner

Nicky Hughes

Sarah Garrett

Sam Bradford

Lynn Selley

Deb Matthews

Rosie Lee

Jackie Herrera - Pastoral Lead


Breakfast Club

Trudy Burke

Rosie Lee


PFI Staff

Caretakers: Nick and Mark

Cleaners: Martha 



The Governing Body of Homelands Primary School is made up of people nominated by Torbay Council, members of the local community, parents and staff.

All Governors can be contacted through the school office.

Angela Urquhart - Head Teacher

Maurice Codd - Chair of Governors - co opted

Helen Porter - Vice Chair/Parent Governor

Amy Wyatt - Parent Governor

Shirley Fowler - Co opted

Darren Hales - Parent Governor

Tom Daniel - Staff Governor

David Murray - Co opted

Tracy Rowe - Clerk to Governors

School Attendance
  • FS %
  • Year 1 98.6%
  • Year 2 99%
  • Year 3 100%
  • Year 4 99.5%
  • Year 5 100%
  • Year 6 99.5%
  • School 99.4%
House Points
  • Kodiak Bears points
  • Killer Whales points
  • Golden Eagles points
  • Bengal Tigers points